AWS Data Architect

Innominds is a product engineering services provider and also an AWS Cloud Services partner. Innominds builds data management and AI solutions for a number of its customers in various verticals such as Healthcare, Automotive, Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain, Mining etc. on the AWS cloud stack.

Innominds is looking for a Data Architect with AWS experience to provide design and engineering solutions to its customers

Job Functions

  • Architect and design platform solutions to meet and exceed project or solution requirements of data management including functional and non-functional requirements
  • Provide scalable data pipelines on AWS to source data from on-prem sources, real time sources and other streaming and batch sources including IoT devices through Kinesis, Kinesis Firehose and Managed Services Kafka (MSK)
  • Provide data processing and transformations design for scale using Microservices/ Micro data services and Functions with serverless compute such as Lambda functions
  • Provide Cloud data warehousing solution with experience on AWS Redshift or DeltaLake from Databricks or equivalent such as Snowflake
  • Architect data virtualization and separation of storage and compute through AWS EMR & S3 to create data lakes combining classic warehouses with Big Data
  • Proactively evolve and apply DevSecOps methodologies, including the use of ECS and Elastic Kubernetes Services
  • Design and implement full lifecycle MLOps solutions through AWS AI Services in structured data, time series data, vision and speech and/or Sagemaker to scale
  • Ensure re-use through consumption and expansion of shared platform technology assets
  • Apply architectural standards/principles, global product-specific guidelines, security standards, usability design standards, as appropriate

Required Experience

  • 8+ years overall IT industry experience
  • 5+ years in a solution architecture role using service and hosting solutions such as private/public cloud IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms including Azure
  • 3+ years in a platform/product architecture role
  • Large scale design, implementation and operations of OLTP, OLAP, DW and NoSQL data storage technologies such as PostgreSQL/ MySQL, RDS, AWS Aurora, DynamoDB, DocumentDB, Redis Cache, AWS EMR, Hadoop, Hive, Neptune
  • Creation of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions using Kinesis, Spark, Databricks, Redshift, EMR
  • Design and configuration of data movement, streaming and transformation (ETL) technologies such as AWS Glue, DataBrew, Kafka, AWS Data Loader and other data integration technologies
  • Enablement of data reuse through Data Catalog/Marketplace, Metadata, Search and Governance technologies such as including AWS Data Catalog, Apache Atlas, Managed Services of Elastic, AWS Athena or proprietary tools
  • Application of Information Architecture in large enterprise through use of industry standard modeling, mapping, management, metadata, lineage and quality standards and technologies including IDEF1X, DDL, DML, UML, ER/Studio, ERWin, MDM, IDQ
  • Multi-system data Integration using industry standards such as SOA, EAI, MoM, BPI and API using API Gateway, iPaaS and ESB technologies such as AWS API Management, Apache Knox, Boomi, Mulesoft
  • Visualization using technologies such as PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, Qlik, QuickSight
  • Experience with any claims based authentication (SAML/OAuth/OIDC), MFA, RBAC, or ABAC
  • Knowledge of cloud security controls including tenant isolation, encryption at rest, encryption in transit, key management, vulnerability assessments, application firewalls, SIEM, etc.
  • Experience with resilient and highly available mission critical technology components
  • Experience with multi-geo, multi-tier service design and operations
  • Functional knowledge of at least two of programming, scripting and data science languages such as C#, JavaScript, PowerShell, Python, Bash, SQL, .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, PERL, C++, R, etc.
  • Delivery using modern methodologies especially SAFe Agile, Iterative, Waterfall, etc.

Good to Have

  • Application of AI, Cognitive and Data Science technologies such as AWS AI Services, Cognitive Services, Text Analytics API, Face API, Computer Vision API, Bot Service, AWS Notebooks, Anaconda, Jupyter, TensorFlow, R, Neural Networks, NLP, NLG, TTS, Watson, etc.
  • CI/CD delivery using code management, configuration management and automation tools such as GitHub, VSTS, Ansible, DSC, Puppet, Ambari, Chef, Salt, Jenkins, Maven, etc.
  • IoT technologies such as IoT Core, Greengrass, Event driven architectures


  • Education: BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech/MCA
  • Years of Experience: 8+ Years