IT Director

We are looking for an experienced IT Director to oversee the company’s IT operations. You’ll be responsible for managing employees within the IT department, liaising with other departments to ascertain their technological requirements, and developing solutions that are aligned with organizational objectives.

To be successful as an IT director, you should have an excellent technical aptitude, as well as superior project and people management skills. An IT director is expected to maintain smooth, secure, and updated technical operations within an organization.

Job Description:

  • Oversee infrastructure of all IT operations
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate IT projects in line with organizational objectives
  • Liaison with other departments to determine and address their IT needs and requirements
  • Manage and supervise employees in the IT department
  • Maintain current projects and technology systems
  • Identify vulnerabilities, the need for upgrades, and opportunities for improvement
  • Devise and establish IT policies and systems to support the implementation of strategies set by upper management
  • Suggest purchase of efficient and cost-effective technological equipment and software
  • Inspect use of technological equipment and software to ensure functionality and efficiency
  • Assist in building a strong relationship with vendors and creating cost-efficient contracts


Core Competencies:

IT Infrastructure:

  • Lead governance and automation efforts to minimize manual work and ensure transparency in all aspects of the IT infrastructure ecosystems
  • Manage IT staff by recruiting, training, and coaching employees; communicating job expectations, and appraising their performance
  • Provide guidance to technical teams regarding architectural and procedural best practices
  • Participate in budgeting processes to ensure service agreements, equipment contracts, and equipment contracts budget for renewals
  • Manage a team of IT professionals to support, maintain, and sustain service levels
  • Direct design, development, and implementation of IT standards and tools assuring alignment with organizational strategic vision and plans


  • Understand and contribute to disaster recovery and business continuity planning; testing and validation.
  • Oversee implementation and management of cloud security architecture and tools, security operation center, and reporting
  • Advice on enterprise-wide people, process, and technology security recommendations
  • Implement a continuous vulnerability assessment, exposure analysis process, and align technical teams to address a timeline for remediation and validation across applications and infrastructure
  • Oversee testing and validation of security controls across projects


  • Achieve better cost discipline across their technology and digital investments
  • Create lean, agile, and market-leading operating models
  • Deliver digital solutions reliably at scale, cheaper and faster
  • Embrace and drive significant value from new technologies
  • Maintain security and resilience of our systems


  • Experience in the evaluation and implementation of industry-standard enterprise offerings from leading information security platforms, such as Azure security tech stack, Crowd Strike, Okta, Qualys, Rapid 7, Azure Vault, Thycotic, Splunk, Palo Alto, etc.
  • Demonstrate strong understanding and comprehension of a wide range of cybersecurity solutions
  • Experience working with design, implementation, or operation of IT systems on leading enterprise platforms
  • Understanding of high availability and disaster recovery principles
  • Strong knowledge of information and application security on-premise and in the cloud
  • Understanding of cloud ecosystem and leading-edge cloud emerging technologies
  • Skills in performance analysis, troubleshooting, and remediation techniques
  • Experience in analysis, implementation, and evaluation of IT systems and their specifications
  • Sound understanding of computer systems (hardware/software), networks, etc.
  • Experience in controlling information technology budget.



  • Education: Post Graduate
  • Experience: 15-20 Years