Java Technical Architect

Job Description:

  • At least 10-18 years of work experience as a software and systems architect
  • Knowledge of cloud-native architecture and SaaS-based product development
  • Hands-on knowledge in modern API platform design, web-based application, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring-Data/Hibernate, security, Spring Integration, Node JS (Tomcat, Netty, Jetty, and Nginx)
  • Skills in Microservices Architecture Patterns, Domain-Driven Design, and Swagger/OpenAPI, both in producing and consuming the service endpoints
  • Experience working with GraphQL, gRPC, and HTTP/2 implementations
  • Knowledge in modern data architectures (event-driven architectures, data democratization, platform approaches to support ML/AI at scale, stream processing, and integrating real-time analytics into customer applications)
  • Hands-on experience working with programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, Python, and Go
  • Skills in modern front-end JavaScript framework libraries, like Angular JS/ ReactJS, NodeJS, TypeScript, NPM, etc.
  • Knowledge of modern security practices, secure coding, and vulnerabilities prevention
  • Working experience in Agile software development environment
  • Experience working with DevOps toolchain GIT, Jenkins, and build tools: Gradle/ Maven
  • Knowledge of Infrastructure as a Software (Container Orchestration, Observability, CI/CD technologies, like Docker, Kubernetes, ServiceMesh, and Serverless)
  • Knowledge of shell scripting, Python, Nodejs, Golang, Helm charts, Oauth, JWT, and IAM

Skills and Responsibilities:

  • Ability to translate general market requirements and customer needs into technical requirements (or roadmaps)
  • Ability to explain technical concepts to a non-technical audience, such as explaining economic benefits of the technical solution
  • Skills in communicating with technical and non-technical professionals and negotiating within the allowable parameters of the product to get the best outcome for the business
  • Experience working on complex issues where analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of variable factors


  • Education: BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech/MCA/MSC (Computers) 
  • Experience: 10-18 Years